Portable Hyperchem Pro 8.0.6 | 166 Mb

Dulu alif menggunakan software ini untuk menamatkan diri menyelesaikan skripsi tentang struktur chromofore dengan metode kimia komputasi. Menggunakan optimasi dengan komputer 500 MHz.

HyperChem is a sophisticated molecular modeling environment that is known for its quality, flexibility, and ease of use. Uniting 3D visualization and animation with quantum chemical calculations, molecular mechanics, and dynamics, HyperChem puts more molecular modeling tools at your fingertips than any other Windows program.
Our newest version, HyperChem Release 8.0, is a full 32-bit application, developed for the Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista operating systems. HyperChem Release 8.0 incorporates even more powerful computational chemistry tools than ever before, as well as supporting multiple third-party applications. Its drawing and rendering capabilities and ease of use are standards for the industry.

Now HyperChem has been portable. No need to install. Just download and start using. Make as many copies as you want. Just carry this portable app on a flash drive and use it on any computer (even without administrator access). The portable app creates a sandbox folder in its current location and stores all settings and temp files there in. Your host machine is not taxed and it keeps running in full speed. (90 MB) (70 MB)

Download both parts of the archive and extract using 7-zip.

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