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Build Your Website with Site Builder!

Trellix Site Builder is the easiest way to build, host, manage and promote a professional website. Our award-winning tool is designed specifically for people who want to focus on their business instead of mastering complex technology and design skills. In fact, since 1995 more than four million websites have been created with Trellix Site Builder!

Trellix Site Builder is the simplest and most powerful solution for creating a successful web presence. Our point and click technology and easy-to-use toolbars allow beginners to create and publish a website, market the site to attract customers and easily maintain it with fresh, dynamic content. You can even upgrade your website with ecommerce features that enable you to sell products and process credit card transactions through your site.

How Trellix Site Builder Works

Your Website Control Panel
The Trellix® Site Builder website control panel is the central place for accessing your website and for creating new ones.

Choosing a Template
The first step in creating a website in Trellix Site Builder is selecting a template. There are more than 300 templates to choose from. Each contains publish-ready content to help you get started quickly.

Selecting a Website Design
Trellix Site Builder has hundreds of professional designs to choose from. When combined with your template – you can create more than 25,000 unique options for your website.

Creating Website Copy
With your website template and design selection, you have a great starting point for a great small business or personal website. You can edit content on the page by clicking the Edit buttons or add new content using the toolbar. You can format text with familiar controls, just like a word processor. You can also change our web page layout to better organize the content.

Adding Navigation
Trellix Site Builder’s drag and drop navigation tool makes it fast and easy to organize content to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for. You can even create sub-navigation to lower-level pages in our website.

Adding Photos
To add a picture, simply click the button in the toolbar and choose the placement for your photo on the page. You can upload pictures from your computer or browse Trellix Site Builder’s gallery of images. You can also upload photos to your picture gallery using our integrated File Manager or perform bulk picture uploads using a zip file.

Creating Your Own Website Design
Trellix Site Builder’s design editor allows you to customize designs to achieve a unique look that fits your business, without any programming.

Exploring Site Add-Ons
Integrated into Trellix Site Builder, site add-ons are extra functionality or applications that you can add to your site with just a few clicks. There are, e-Bay, and PayPal add-ons, business forms and survey tools, maps and directions, calculators, blogs, guest books, sound, video, Flash animation, news feeds and much more.

With RSS support, we can even add dynamic news about our industry, or other topics, that keep our site fresh and makes visitors want to come back. To add an RSS Feed, we’ll choose Site Adds in the toolbar and choose the placement for the feed on our page. We can then choose an RSS Feed from the list or enter the address of another feed that’s suited to our business.

Adding eCommerce
Want to add e-commerce to your website? Trellix Site Builder includes eStore Builder, which lets you create a complete professional product catalog and process transactions online through PayPal, the leading provider of small business credit card transactions, or process offline by e-mail, phone, or fax. Here we can manage all the products we sell for our candy store: lollipops, candy canes, chocolates and other confections. We can also easily swap between different layouts for our catalog. All product information is stored conveniently in one place, and our website is updated with any changes.

Publishing Your Website
Thanks to Trellix Site Builder, your website is automatically saved every step of the way. And you can preview the site as you go to see how it looks before you make it live. Web publishing couldn’t be easier. There are no tricky FTP instructions to remember. Just click the Publish button, and you’re live on the Internet.

Promoting Your Website
So, we have a great website. Now, how do we get people there?

With Trellix Site Builder, you’ll have immediate access to a complete suite of online promotion and marketing tools. With Google AdWords, you can purchase keyword targeted ads that display at the top of Google search results. Since you pay only when your ad performs, Google AdWords is among the cost-effective ways to drive new customers to your website.

E-mail marketing is another immediate and cost-effective way to generate revenue and strengthen customer relationships. Site Builder’s integrated Constant Contact® feature makes managing e-mail addresses and sending professional communications easy. You can create graphical HTML newsletters, special promotions, online coupons, and more.

For service based companies, online scheduling is the key to doing business online. You can manage your staff’s schedule through one easy to use application. You can also display schedules on your website and let visitors book appointments on their own.

Track Your Success
For a successful web presence, it’s important to understand how many visitors are coming to your site, which pages they visits most and how long they stay. Trellix Site Builder’s website statistics tool enables you to easily measure site performance by tracking page views, visitors, referrals, and much more.

Need Help?
At, our customers are our top priority. While Trellix Site Builder is so easy to use, we understand that questions often arise. Help is always just a phone call or support ticket away. We pride ourselves on our dedicated support staff. They are here to assist you 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.

With Trellix Site Builder, the road to online success begins with a simple click of your mouse. Click here to get started today!

About Trellix Site Builder

In late 1995, Dan Bricklin founded Trellix Corporation, which became the leading provider of private-label web site publishing technology and managed hosting services to top online providers for small-business and personal web sites. Its main product was Trellix Web Express, a server-based web site authoring system private labeled by web communities and hosting services. Previously it produced Trellix Web, a PC-based web site creation tool bundled on over 35 million devices from companies like HP, Dell, and Kodak. >

In early 2003, Trellix was acquired by Interland, Inc., a leading supplier of business-class web hosting solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Dan served as Chief Technology Officer of Interland, working out of Interland's Trellix office in Corcord, Massachusetts. In 2005, Interland acquired and took on the company’s name.
Today,, Inc. (NASDAQ: WWWW) is the leading destination for the simplest, yet most powerful solutions for websites and web services. With Trellix Site Builder as its core product offering, offers do-it-yourself and professional website design, website hosting, ecommerce, web marketing and email. For more information on the company, please visit or call at 1-800-WEB-HOST.



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