Free poster printing tutorial with posterazor software

Mencetak gambar kecil menjadi sebesar poster dengan kertas kwarto atau folio memakai Posterazor. ini sekedar tutorial yang saya kopi dari sebuah sumber yang berisi gambar-gambar free indah-indah (large format color poster printing).

PosteRazor cuts an large image into pieces, so you can print them on your printer and then glue them together to a large format poster.
Follow the link to download and install the poster printing software. Doubleclick to start the program. Alternative Download uploaded by me with zip format (780 kb).

STEP 1: Input the image where it says "Input image"

When you open the picture in Image information field, you will get some informations about your picture, for example: the pixels in centimeters (length units can be changed by clicking the SETTINGS button in the bottom left corner), resolution and color type.

Click NEXT

STEP 2: Enter the informations about the paper dimensions (print format) and borders. PosterRazor supports standard poster printing formats, and you can also set some non-standard poster printing formats in the CUSTOM list.

Click NEXT

STEP 3: Type the overlapping value to define overlapping size.

Click NEXT

STEP 4: Enter the dimensions of the picture you are working with (dimensions that will suite the surface you want to decorate).

Click NEXT

STEP 5: Click „Save the Poster“ to save your decoration motive. The program will save it in .PDF format. Then you can print all the separate parts of the image and put them all together. The result will be big-sized picture that you can put on the surface you want to decorate.



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