Super Finder XT offers flexible, index-free search for Windows

Download Super Find XT Portable (3,6 MB)

Lebih cepat mencari file di Windows dari pada Finder bawaan Windows...

Windows Search has come a long way from the XP days, and it's now a very capable desktop search application. If you'd prefer an index-free alternative (with a fancy ribbon interface, no less), have a look at Super Finder XT.

Since it's searching your drives without first compiling an index of their contents there is a bit of a speed trade-off, but Super Finder still returns results quickly. Advanced options allow you to specify a date range, minimum and maximum files size, and an extensive list of attributes (from read only and hidden to encrypted and compressed). Your search specifications can then be saved to a configuration file to re-use later.

Results can be copied to the clipboard and exported to Excel, HTML, and plain text, but printing support is only available to users who donate via PayPal. The app is also extensible with plugins, though I wasn't able to find any for download. If you have better luck, feel free to share them in the comments.



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