Directory Lister : Membuat Daftar File dan Folder Dengan Cepat


Hanya dengan beberapa klik, aplikasi ini bisa membuat daftar seluruh file dan folder beserta keterangannya dalam sebuah folder atau drive.

Version History :

Version 1.05 - 01 Jan 2008

! Fixed listing in each dir
Version 1.04 - 29 Nov 2007

+ Added Czech translation
! Fixed displaying SHA-1
! Improved stability on some configurations
Version 1.03 - 07 Nov 2007

! Fixed sorting by CRC32
Version 1.02 - 18 Sep 2007

+ Added Dutch translation
! Multimedia properties were not displayed
! Initial loading of empty listing is now disabled so application starts faster
! Improved Vista compatibility
Version 1.01 - 15 Aug 2007

! Missing or invalid file date caused listing to be corrupted.
Version 1.0 - 14th Jul 2007

+ A listing can now be printed.
+ Archive contents can be listed depending on option setting.
+ Contents of shared network folders are accessible in the tree of available directories.
+ Program lists paths longer than 260 chars.
+ User is allowed to select whether listing should be automatically refreshed after each option change or not (Instant preview). Additional button for manual refresh. Also each new selection updates the preview window.
+ User is allowed to include all date and time columns (creation, last write and last access) in a listing.
+ A new column set is available showing information about multimedia files (avi, wav, jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx).
+ A new column set is available showing information about office files (doc, xls, ppt).
+ A new column set is available showing information about mp3 files (mp3).
+ More info from exe/dll files is displayed (in separate columns) like company, description etc.
+ File Version column displays (upon user request) volume serial number for drives and CD-ROMs.
+ User is allowed to include a summary at the top or bottom of the listing: How many files and directories were listed, total size of files etc.
+ User is able to define a depth search option which allows to list only a specific number of subdirectories in directories tree.
+ User is able to not display directories that do no contain any file (only subdirs).
+ User is able to choose "Not sorted" output option for both dirs and files.
+ More extensive filter is available allowing for filtering files by size, date and attributes.
+ User is able to save and load HTML schemes including all custom CSS style. Several predefined schemes are accessible.
+ HTML listing can contain links to directories inside listing.
+ All columns in text output could be wrapped around a given char column depending on option setting.
+ User is able to select an option for automatic setting of width of all columns (based on maximum width from real files) in text output.
+ Sending an e-mail command line option has been added.
+ First run of an application (and ini file shall not include this information after installation) reads locale info about thousand and decimal separators and default date format.
+ Language file includes a name for e-mail attachement.
+ A registered user is able to disable the top header containing a link to web site.
* The program has new SDI layout. Window is divided into three parts, left window for dirs tree (like in Explorer), right side divided into two parts, upper one for options, lower for listing.
* Directory Lister is now changed to Directory Lister Pro and becomes fully shareware application.
! Collapsing and expanding dirs tree did not work properly in certain scenarios.
! Files summary in program title bar counted also subdirs which is wrong when subdirs are not displayed.
! Sorting by name did not work properly for names with certain characters ($!).
Version 0.9.1 - 18th Jan 2006

! File names with some special characters like "_" or "-" were not properly sorted.
! Two (and more) space characters were displayed as one in HTML output.
Version 0.9 - 08th Nov 2005

+ Tool tips can be disabled.
+ < and > chars can be disabled in subdir names.
+ Tab character can be specified as CSV column separator.
+ CD insertion and removal is automatically detected.
+ Path can be specified not to contain the selected directory.
+ file:// can be added in front of links.
+ Column names can be shown in listing header.
+ The installation can be repaired from the Add/Remove programs window.
+ Subdirs can be mixed with files or always in front of them.
+ External CSS file can be included after default definitions.
+ Single or all subdirs selecting can be forced by using CTRL and SHIFT keys.
+ HTML title can be user defined.
+ Listing can be send as an e-mail attachement by one button click.
+ All registration data is shown on About tab.
* Escape and Enter keys don't cause program to exit.
* CSV column names are read from language file.
* HTML quick preview is now a real HTML page.
* Program options are on separate tab.
* File version is shown always with dots, not using local settings.
! Context copy button didn't work for text and CSV previews.
! Sometimes expanding and collapsing the directories tree caused to display items multiplied.
! The listing file was shown as empty file on the listing if it was to one of selected dirs.
! Listing in each dir option was completely not working.
! Columns context menu was not read from language file.
Version 0.8.1 - 24th May 2005

* The preview uses TEMP dir for storing temporary preview file instead of Directory Lister dir.
* A few changes in help file.
+ Dutch translation included in setup.
! After pressing 'Cancel' button, CRC32 was not recalculated on next preview/save file.
! After pressing 'Cancel' button, not counted CRC32 are not shown at all, instead of 00000000.
Version 0.8 - 25th April 2005

* The application becomes a shareware product of KRKSoft, while still available free for non-commercial use
+ Columns can be aligned in HTML and text outputs
+ Columns can be in user defined order
+ Sorting of dirs option was not grayed when dirs listing was unselected
+ Listing can be copied to clipboard
+ HTML border can be customized
+ Shell integration has been rewritten, so it is possible to select multiple directories and specify configuration
+ Single apostrophe can be specified as thousand separator
+ Reading of selected dirs on startup has been speeded up
* Columns not used in HTML output are not generated at all instead of just hiding
* Version column size can be greater than 10 characters
* Column widths are now grayed when text output is not selected
* Date and time format of the header is the same as for dirs
! The underline was not properly set in font settings for HTML output
! Maximized window state was not properly saved
Version 0.7.2 - 10th October 2004

+ More translations included in setup
+ Added padding for all columns
* Changed no wrap for name column which should be broken if it's too long. Otherwise user had to scroll the page horizontally.
! Fixed align of size column for Opera
! Directories were not sorted descending
! Fixed counting size of files > 4GB
! Fixed sorting of local character sets
Version 0.7.1 - 23rd June 2004

+ More translations included in setup
! Fixed minor bugs with translations
Version 0.7 - 15th June 2004

+ CSV output
+ New, faster engine
+ Separate option for dir date
+ Separate option for dir time
+ Separate option for dir attributes
+ Compressed attribute is displayed
+ Hints for most of the controls
+ Separate options for sorting dirs
+ Options for thousand separator and decimal separator
+ Option for choosing which date to present: Creation, Last write or Last access.
+ Option for generating links to files
+ Charset for HTML is based on chosen font charset
+ Header can be localized
+ Quick configuration menu
+ Context menu support
* Preview will always display whole listing on Win9x systems, not only first 32kB.
! No drive message on startup removed
! Dir size had not proper font in HTML listing
Version 0.6 - 15th September 2002

+ English is no longer the only one interface-language
+ Load dirs selection button
+ Links to directories
+ HTML output is much more customizable
+ Extension can be hidden
+ File version can be listed
+ Files can be numbered
+ Last selection can be saved and loaded automatically at startup
* Listing process was put into a separate thread so you can easily press 'Cancel' button at any time
* When you click on a checkbox, other controls will be enabled / disabled accordingly
* Directories can be also sorted now
! When you check 'Listing for each dir' and list cd contents, error message box will not pop up
! File count after directory name works now properly (even if no file is displayed underneath)
! Size for files 2GB+ was wrongly counted
! Window is now properly restored after saving in maximize state
! Directory size was wrongly counted
Version 0.5.2 - 24 January 2002

! Ugly bug with full file path
Version 0.5.1 - 21 January 2002

+ Multiple mask, accepting wildcards and sets
+ You can exclude either drive name or parent dir from the path
! Directories are now sorted when 'Sort items' box is checked
! Filter was not read from the configuration file
! Dir size for top dir was not properly counted when mask was not *.*
! Open/Save dialogs do not remember last opened/saved filename now
! F12 did not switch between 'Select directories'/'Preview'
Version 0.5 - 13 January 2002

+ INI file with configuration (read upon start and saved on exit)
+ Window position and state saved to ini file
+ Exclude drive name from directory path
+ CRC32 - the same as in zip archives
+ File count after directory name
+ Listing for each processed directory in separate file
+ Sorting files all together (not only within one directory)
+ 'Cancel' button to stop generation immediately
* The way of selecting directories has been dramatically changed
* Header is only one line now instead of two lines
* Much improved progress bar
* Pages reorganized for more user-friendly interface
! Window contents were displayed incorectly with 'Large fonts' setting
! Sizes were saved but not read from the configuration file
Version 0.4 - 20 August 2001

+ Generate HTML option and HTML preview
+ HTML colors box
+ Descending sort order option
+ Sort by option
+ Size display option
+ Size precision option
+ Command line parameters
+ Hot keys (F5, F12)
+ Save/Load configuration buttons
+ Save directory selection button
* New tab and reorganisation of controls
* Thousand separator in size
! First directory not expanded when sort option enabled
Version 0.3 - 3 May 2001

+ Include dir names option
+ Include dir size option
+ Include full path option
+ Ability to sort items
+ Mask option
* Preview moved to another page
* Preview shows real content not always "c:\" dir
* True folder icons are read
* Progress bar works during preview and saving
* New checkboxes
! Save dialog bug
! Hidden directory bug
Version 0.2 - 11 November 2000

+ Added very nice little preview.
Version 0.1 - November 2000

* First release.



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