e-Book Search Engines : Mencari dan Mengais Buku Gratis

eBook Locator Finds e-book titles in Palm Reader, Microsoft Reader & Adobe Reader (PDF) formats. Each e-book record offers information on where to purchase the title immediately, & includes current bibliographic data and details of covers, jacket copy, table of contents, excerpts, and author information. Searchable by format, author/creator, title, subject, keyword, publisher & identifier.

Ebooks-in-Print "Commercially-neutral" search engine registry of book-length electronic publications (including poetry etc.). Note that they assign a unique Electronic Publication Registry Number (EPRN) to each listing. Be aware that they charge to list a title. Extent of listings unknown.

Electronic Literature Directory Search engine to locate electronic texts by title, category, author or publisher, & also by whether short, long or collected. Categories include fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, interactive, animated, extensively graphical & audio recorded. Last reported containing 2199 works by 1123 authors, and 169 publishers. Courtesy of the (non-profit) Electronic Literature Organization.

Word Circuits Directory A resource for finding hypertext/cybertext literature published on the Web and on disk. Not regularly updated.



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