Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach 4.4 Portable : Mengatur Makanan dan Berat Badan

Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach 4.4 Portable
Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach 4.4 Portable | 7 Mb

Of all the weight loss programs on the market today, only Diet Power guarantees reaching your goal weight on your target date. Our award-winning diet software makes any diet more powerful by helping you control what all diet plans have in common: calories.
Diet Power also balances your intake of 33 vitamins and minerals by recommending foods you like. This extraordinary degree of personalization is one reason weight watchers rate our calorie counter and diet program the world's best.

Diet Power is not a diet, but a tool that makes any diet more powerful.Diet Power will turn your computer into a nutrition "coach" that will help you Eat With Your Eyes Open. By showing you how every food choice will affect your nutrient balance, it gives you complete control over your weight and health. And because it learns your personal metabolism, it's the only program that can guarantee reaching your goal.

To use Diet Power, open its Goal Setter to specify how much you want to weigh, and when. Then open the Food Log to record your foods each day and watch your Calorie Bank. If you keep the bank balanced, you cannot fail to reach your goal weight on your target date.

Meanwhile, let the Nutrition Coach identify your most healthful foods, and use the Nutrient History to monitor your intake of fat, carbohydrate, protein, and 29 vitamins and minerals that fight heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, and other nutrition-related diseases.

Here are some key features of "Diet Power Weight & Nutrition Coach":
· Works with any diet drug or supplement.
· Shows nutrients in 21,000 foods.
· Awards calories for 1000 kinds of exercise.
· Graphs body measurements, blood sugar-any custom variable.
· Analyzes recipes.
· Gives personalized advice each time you log on.
· Keeps your records safely on your own computer.
· Brings you daily and weekly nutrition news.
· Lets you meet other dieters online.
· Includes 100,000 words of help, with thousands of facts on nutrition and disease.
· Is praised by nutrition, fitness, and behavior experts, as well as thousands of users.
· Is rated best in its class by health and fitness publications.


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