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Make_PE3 : Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE Live

You can Run Make_PE3.cmd and Make_PE3.exe in XP or Windows 7 environment.

Required as Source - Drive where 32-bits Windows 7 is Installed - Or Folder with content of such drive

32-bits Windows 7 Setup DVD can be used as well as Source, but requires for XP to auto-collect AIK_Tools,
by Running once Make_PE3 in Windows 7 Or in environment with Installed Windows 7 AIK
AIK_Tools folder in Make_PE3 is the place where used tools as Dism.exe and imagex.exe are collected.

64-bits Windows 7 is also supported as source, but requires still some improvement in the Windows 7 PE registry

Without AIK you can use Make_PE3 to make in about 4 minutes 7pe_x86.iso
from Winre.wim in Recovery folder and by using Dism.exe of Windows 7 Source Drive
Thanks to tsetya for publishing this easy way to create Windows 7 PE

7pe_x86.iso = Win7 Recovery ISO with Windows 7 GUI , and made from Winre.wim or boot.wim and without AIK
pe3_x86.iso = AIK Windows PE 3.0 with Windows 7 GUI , and made from winpe.wim by using AIK

Portable Windows 7 PE is a bootable ISO with size of about 200 MB
The Boot ISO files are made by adding to boot.wim about 700 files and some registry settings of Windows 7
Thanks to JFX for pioneering work on Win7PE_SE which is an important source of info for me

BOOT_IMG.exe can be used to install the ISO files as boot option in grub4dos Menu on HDD or USB
Moreover, Make_USB.exe of U_XP_SET package can be used to create bootable USB-stick with Portable Windows 7 PE

Required for making pe3_x86.iso - AIK for Windows 7 - KB3AIK_EN.iso - Microsoft - Windows PE 3.0
Dism.exe of AIK must be version 6.1.7600.16385 (earlier version 7000 gives Errors)
WLAN HotFix is not needed anymore, Make_PE3 takes care of everything.

Download - Make-PE3 - mirror

Guide with More Info:

Development and historical thread here:

User Interface of Make_PE3.cmd Batch Program to Create 7pe_x86.iso Boot Image

User Interface of Make_PE3.exe Program to Create 7pe_x86.iso Boot Image

Portable Windows 7 PE - Wireless Internet with IE8 and working Audio

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