Zekr Portable for Windows : Menjelajah Al-Qur'an Lewat Java

After first release of Zekr 0.1.0 in the early 2005, now Zekr 1.0.0 is available. This major release has everything as a desktop Quran study software for both a general audience and a Quran researcher. Here are a few features in Zekr 1.0.0 (All these features are gradually provided during previous releases.

 Download Zekr 1.0.0 Portable + Java (38 MB)
Download Zekr 1.0.0 Portable Tanpa Java (7 MB) 
Terjemahan dan Tafsir bisa ditambahkan dengan mendownload di Sini

New features or enhancements

  • All 13px icons change to 16px size.
  • A number of icons changed to have a more harmonic icon set in Zekr.
  • Zoom/Unzoom will only work on Quran OR translation if applied in separate layout. Otherwise both Quran and translation text size is increased/decreased.
  • Zoom/Unzoom will not change sura name font size.
  • Prevent AudioPlayerForm to get out of view (some limitations are applied to its location).
  • Show only language in translation list menu. Show the same info at multi-translation configuration form.
  • Added a new property: = english | localized. It then shows either translation English name or its localized name wherever a translation data is referenced (e.g. in multi-translation config form or in translation menu).
  • A new exe launcher added: WinRun4J. zekr.exe and zekrc.exe parameters can be configured through related .ini files.

Bug fixes

  • Save As button will now save search result if current view shows a search result.
  • Changing between Block/Line-by-Line mode in Translation-only layout will now work.
  • Save AudioPlayerForm new location as it closes. It now saves the new location before Zekr is closed (previously it wasn't saved when Zekr was closed and AudioPlayerForm was in open state).
  • A few changes and bug fixes in quran-properties-en.xml, thanks to Yahya Saturday.



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