DataPro v8.1 : Chemical data source program

DataPro v8.1

DataPro v8.1 | 6.23 MB

DataPro is a chemical data source program. Software suitable for chemistry, chemical engineering students and professionals.
DataPro has information on 3000+ chemical compounds, allows prediction of chemical compound properties, critical constants, thermodynamic properties, gas & liquid diffusivitiy, surface tension, viscosity calculations, periodic table.

Here are some key features of "DataPro":

· Calculator : Standard Calculator with over 20 constants used throughout the science world. It is integrated to be used with the solutions found in the other programs.

· Periodic Table : Contains information on most of the elements of the periodic table. Atomic No., Mol. Weight, Density, Melting Point, Boiling point, Specific heat, Neutrons, Electronic Structure.

· Chemical Inorganic and Organic compound Properties : Find information on over 2000 Chemical, Inorganic and Organic compounds. i.e. Details on the compounds, Formula, Molecular Weight, Compound Colour, Compounds Form, Specific gravity etc..

· Critical Constant Calculations : Allows the prediction through calculation of the critical constants of compounds. The method employs using Lydersen’s method.

· Gas Diffusivities /Liquid Diffusivities Calculations : Allows for the prediction of gas and liquid diffusivities . The prediction is based upon the group contributions of each individual component of the compound.

· Physical Chemical data: Contains Details on 481 organic/inorganic compounds. Data includes : Molecular Weight, Normal Freezing point, Normal boiling point, Critical temperature, Critical Pressure, Critical Volume, Liquid Density, Heat of Vaporisation, Liquid Viscosity, Standard enthalpy of formation, Standard Gibbs energy of formation, ideal heat capacity, vapour pressure. Allows for temperature changes to occur in calculating certain properties. i.e. Heat capacity.

· Prediction of Liquid Heat Capacity Calculations : Allows for the prediction of Liquid Heat Capacity of compounds. The prediction is based upon the group contributions of each individual component of the compound

· Solids/Liquids/Gases Properties : Information on 101 solids compounds, 22 gas compounds, 24 liquid compounds. Density, melting, boiling point temperatures, conductivity, specific heat values.

· Surface Tension Calculations : Allows the prediction of surface tension values for various organic compounds. It uses the Sugden equation and group contribution values.

· Thermodynamic Data : Data on 376 compounds. Data includes compound state, Enthalpy, Gibbs free energy, Entropy, Heat capacity at standard conditions.

· Thermal Conductivity Data : Calculates the thermal conductivity of liquids and gases using the Webber equation.

· Viscosity Calculations : Calculates Viscosities of liquids by considering the components structure. Two methods can be employed Method 1. using the Arrhenius equation, Method 2. Souders’ equation. The program also allows viscosities of Binary Mixtures to be calculated.

· Unitset : Adjust the number of decimal places to be displayed.

· Units : Si Common Units Convert, Si Mass Units Convert, Plane/Time/Temp Units Convert : Contains 20 categories of unit conversions i.e. Area,Volume,Pressure, volume flow etc. Contains 171 units for conversion to there SI equilivents. Units can be converted imperial or SI. Converts mass transfer and viscosity units. A total of 31 units in all. Converts angular, Temperature and Time units. Total of 14 units can be converted back and forth.

· Informational Charts : Is a bit map viewer of information charts. Contains over 30 bit maps of information from general maths to chemical information of preparations & reactions of Alkanes, Alkenes unit conversions.




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