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MAC OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 AMD/Intel Virtualbox image

MAC OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 AMD/Intel Virtualbox image

MAC OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 AMD/Intel Virtualbox image | 8.66 GB

Install easy on Oracle VirtualBox 3.2.6
Version: 10.6.3
Platform: PC/linux/Mac
System Requirements: Intel / Amd
Language: English + French
Description: This is a Snow Leopard 10.6.3 Retail , the image for a virtual machine Virtualbox.
In this image you can put the latest Iphone SDK
network is out of the box
sound - as luck (but works a bit)
screen resolution is 1400*900 but can be changed

1. extract the vdi file image (password realsnow ).
2. upgrade your version of Oracle VirtualBox to the last one (free software).
3. Create a new virtual machine
4. give the name you want (mine was realsnow )
5. Select the OS : MAC OS X / MAC OS X Server
6. Give the memory you want (depends on what you have on your PC)
7. On the virtual hard drive window, go and select the one you have extracted in 1
8. Click finish
9. Click on configuration
10. Go on system
11. uncheck EFI activation
12. choose the number of cpu you want to give to the virtual machine
13. Go on Display
14. give full ram for video
15. active 3D acceleration
16. try activate 2D (optionnal)
17. Go on Audio and choose AC97 controller
18. Go on network and choose Intel PRO/1000 (advanced setting)
19. Go on USB/share folder setting if you want to setup things here
20. click OK
21. you can press start to launch the machine
22. by default i put french keyboard for PC keyboard (different than a mac) but you can change it
23. no login window
24. many software already installed but the beta version of office 2011 is expired. Use another one or try NewOffice (free)
25. in any case : user : Admin | password : noskill
26. Enjoy

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  1. Anonim3:11 PM

    Ini bisa dipakai untuk komputer PC biasa harusnya kan? Sudah pernah dicoba download dan install? Ane pernah download tapi pas install gagal. Sayang bandwidth 8GB :) Kalo yg ini bgm?


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