Menjalankan Hyperchem 8.0.6 Portable di Linux Via Wine Emulator

Hyperchem portable versi 8.0.6 ternyata bisa dijalankan dengan cukup normal dan stabil di Ubuntu Ultimate 2.6 (Remaster Ubuntu 10.04) dengan memakai Wine Emulator. Anda bisa membeli Distro linux dengan murah di Pelayanan cepat dan bagus, Harga CD 5.000, DVD 15.000, ongkos kirim pos kilat 7.000.

Tentang Ubuntu Ultimate 2.6 :
What is Ultimate Edition 2.6? Ultimate Edition was built off Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04, I am going to start off with some of the finer points. It will be my main O/S for some time to come. It is lightning fast. I only release O/S’s that are stable. Let’s get down to the meat and potatoes.
    Ultimate Edition 2.6 is fast & lacks no feature. Wireless was my #1 concern it is squashed & works out of the box. I have embedded many features I am certain you will be glad to have. The screenshots you are about to view is me installing Ultimate Edition 2.6 on my machine. I will be honest in informing you that some of you ATI users will be capable of firing up compiz fusion right off the live disk as I am doing (all gpu’s will hopefully be supported in the same aspect in the future).
    I have introduced Cheese for you webcam users. Cinelerra, K3d & Kdenlive are just a few new tools in this O/S. We have put gimp back in as well. There are tools that go well beyond the call of duty. I will not tell you what Ultimate Edition 2.6 has in store for you. Take it for a spin you won’t be sorry.
This far exceeds any release I have built to date.

Screenshots & Screencast

Older screencast of the beta, same basic concept (I have replaced the Plymouth splash):
    One of the shots below is taken after installed running twinview (dual monitors).

Ultimate Edition 2.6 Live with CompizUltimate Edition 2.6 Initial bootUltimate Edition 2.6 Plymouth SplashUltimate Edition 2.6 Sound & Video
Ultimate Edition 2.6 GDMUltimate Edition 2.6 AmarokUltimate Edition 2.6 ThemesUltimate Edition 2.6 Dual Monitors


Release NameUltimate Edition 2.6
Architecturex86 (32bit)
Code baseUbuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04
File size2.2 GB (2,399,199,232 bytes)
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Release NameUltimate Edition 2.6
Architecturex64 (64bit)
Code baseUbuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04
File size2.4 GB (2,540,605,440 bytes)

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