DbVisualizer 7.0.7 : Untuk Orang Yang Selalu Berduaan Dengan Database


DbVisualizer is a database tool for developers and database administrators, helping you with both the development and maintenance of your databases. It is the perfect solution since the same tool can be used on all major operating systems accessing a wide range of databases. Tree based navigation through all database objects. Browse object details and invoke management features. Visual support to create, alter and modify characteristics for database objects such as tables. Edit and compile support for procedures, functions, packages and triggers. Extensive database specific support. Support for editing table data including binary/BLOB and CLOB data types, import from file.
· Supports multiple simultaneous database connections
· Connect to a database with a single click
· Database objects explorer
· View information for: tables, indexes, primary keys, privileges, schemas, databases, procedures and a lot more
· View referential integrity rules in a graph or list
· Organize database connections in folders
· Database objects filtering
· Search database objects
· Drag objects to any field including the editor
· Export results CSV HTML XLS
· Create and Alter table
· Table data editing in spreadsheet like editor
· Persistent table data filters
· Quick filtering in grids
· Display references to other tables
· Monitor row count differences
· Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data
· View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images
· View XML data in tree or text format
· Import table data from CSV files
· Syntax colored SQL editor
· Auto Completion (aka code completion, intellisense)
· Support for multiple SQL editors
· Support for multiple result sets SQL's
· SQL editors displayed as tabs or windows
· Result sets displayed as tabs or windows
· Support for procedures producing multiple result sets
· SQL formatter with extensive customization options
· Execution control (stop on error/warning)
· View result sets as grid, text or chart Grid, Text, Chart, Grid
· Editable result sets with the inline or form editors
· Support for BLOB, CLOB and binary data
· View BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF and JPEG images
· View XML data in tree or text format
· Export result sets with Create Table option CSV HTML XLS XML SQL TEXT CSV HTML
· Batch execution enabling export of large result sets
· SQL history saved between sessions
· Advanced SQL bookmark functionality
· Sort by clicking column header
· Simple calculations on data
· Parameterized SQL queries
· Drop objects dragged from the Objects Tree
· Support for execution of selected SQL statements
· Execute SQL statement at cursor position
· SQL execution logging with filtering options
· Support for creating multi SQL select scripts
· Pre-defined key maps
· Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server: Explain plan support
· Oracle: Support for the XML data type
· Oracle: Support for DBMS_OUTPUT
· Design queries with a few mouse clicks
· No SQL expertise is required
· Adopts the generated SQL for the actual database
· Reverse engineer a SELECT statement
· Auto Join of columns by primary/foreign key or name
· Graph or list of referential integry rules
· Several automatic graph layout managers
· Connect tables by respective column(s)
· Bridge link support
· Graph zooming, fit, animation and navigator pane
· Export and print
· Save/Load manual layouts
· Expose foreign keys by data selection
· Limit referenced data with filters
· Tag support
· Extensive collection of tool properties
· Configurable key bindings with pre-defined key maps
· Customize the format of Date, Time and Numbers
· Look & Feels for Windows, Mac, UNIX, cross platform
· Set fonts
· Set unique properties per database connection
· Permissions checks what commands need confirmation
· Instant Monitor of results from SQL queries
· Automatic monitoring of any result set SQL
· View data in grid, text or professional charts Grid, Text, Chart Grid
· Print and export monitored data
· Export any result set CSV HTML XLS
· Test data generator
· Table Data Import wizard
· Dynamic JDBC driver management
· Bundled JDBC drivers for: DB2 for Windows/Linux, JavaDB/Derby, Mimer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase ASA, Sybase ASE
· Grid support: sorting, auto fit, column layout, resizing


· Java 1.5 (Java 1.6 is also supported)
· 10-30 MB disk space depending on installation package
· A minimum of 256 MB RAM
· JDBC 3.0 compliant drivers

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