Portable HTMLRunExe v2.7.1.25 : Membuat eBook exe dari HTML

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The HTMLRunExe is a specialized software to create digital books (e-books). The exhibition is made as in a common browser, with the advantage of being edited by the user, because you can modify various settings of this title to your presentation.

This way you can turn your HTML pages in digital e-books, and use all the resources of webdesign, because there is no restriction some, such as applets, javascript, cascading styles, animated images in GIF, Flash animations. All you can do in a browser is allowed in HTMRunExe. In addition he has a unique tool for creating menus, which increases the interactivity and design of your project. You also have the option of putting skins, giving a more professional style to your project.

You can publish your project in two types of compilation in conventional mode, where the project files are out of the executable, and the option to Embed all the executable files so that all files are in a single file.



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