Gooleti Search Engine

Hiii....., I have done my plan, indexing the doc, pdf,rtf,html,txt files with search engine builder demo....., but the result is nice to be seen and used. The result of indexing was named Gooleti, it comes from GOLET, banyuma's java for cari or mencari in indonesian, and find or search for english. I have also added some aplication in the new version.

To do : add The world CIA factbook 2007 html formated, I am still downloading it now, the zip is 38.341 MB in size. It full of all information about 255 countries in the world. Add the essensial *.jar file for j2me MIDP 2.0 mobile aplication for your phones, such as mobile quran, tiny quran, quran reader basic, hadits muslim, almuwatha, salat time, tilawa, periodic table, mobilebook tileucat maker, calculator, some utilitis, some games etc.

Have you here Boloplek on Your Java Mobile Phones ? I will make Mobile Boloplek Library version.



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