Boloplek RescueCD 1.0

The Plane changed.....
I have updated BoloplekDVD with add pakdenono cd maret 2007 and some application.
To do : make Multiboot RescueDVD and LibraryDVD, make both of them LiteCD too for who have no dvd drive...

Boloplek RescueCD 1.0 was started to be the LiteCD Version of the Multiboot RescueDVD, it contains :
- Windows XP Live called MiniPE from Digiwiz, full of tool for repairing the PC, but it's pity can't run on pc under 128 MB of RAM
- Hiren's BootCD : the most complite DOS tool bootable cd
- Puppy Linux LiveCD 2.10 : Small and wonderfull linux
- Windows 98 mini live CD : Small and fast...
- XDOS explorer : just for booting to pure DOS

Soo it will be the most complite tool just in one CD, can do everything.....?!! no



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