Fujitsu Scigress Explorer Ultra v7.7.0.47 : Software Pemodelan Molekul Hebat

Scigress Explorer™ (previously CAChe™) is a unique desktop molecular modeling software package that can apply a wide range of computational models to all types of molecular systems, from small organic molecules, to inorganics, polymers, materials systems and whole proteins. Scigress Explorer speeds time-to-discovery by providing powerful computing and analytical tools designed for experimental scientists.

The ActiveSite™ option with FastDock™ automated docking enables scientists to dock rigid or flexible ligands into a protein with rigid or flexible sidechains. The ActiveSite module differs from competing docking packages that are constrained by molecular size and display speed, and which require the use of expensive UNIX workstations. Scigress Explorer software is currently the only desktop solution to offer such flexibility in configuration.

While Scigress Explorer works efficiently on desktop computers, large-scale computational tasks become accessible to the desktop user by means of Linux GroupServer, offering accelerated execution of computationally intense chemical and life sciences applications.




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