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Dalam situasi menunggu Bluestack (konon sesumbarnya bisa berdampingan baik dengan windows sehingga bisa menjalankan aplikasi android dengan lancar dalam lingkungan windows) bisa didownload dan dicoba, saya tetap berusaha mencari emulator Android yang mudah diinstall dan tanpa ribet menjalankannya. Akhirnya menemukan juga file yang dimaksud. Emulator ini mudah digunakan dan lumayan cepat.
Do you want to test drive Google Android without having to buy a phone? Google SDK package allows developers to see all android features and let them use the whole interface.
If you don’t want to be bothered by the complex Google SDK Package, then RedmondPie reports that Haseeb a member at XDA-Developers forum has managed to create an executable file by packaging and configuring the Google SDK. Which means that you can now use the complete emulator in a single-click without having to install Google SDK package.
All you have to do is extract the .rar archive, rename extracted folder to “Android-Emulator”, Download and Copy fixed exe files in it, and then finally run it. These steps are rather complicated and confusing. So instead of following these steps, I have provided the direct link to download Android Emulator, just extract the zip archive and run the executable file. That’s it.
Android Emulator for Windows Google Android Menu
android call android emulator main
Download Android Emulator 1.5 for Windows (57 MB Hosted on AddictiveTips)

XDA-Developers forum member xda2_haseeb has managed to extract and run AndroidEmulator on Windows which comes as a part of Google Android SDK package. For those of you who want to take Android on a ride for general OS look and feel can use this standalone Android Emulator which is patched to run on a Windows PC as a standalone app without having to download and install the complete Android SDK.
Android Emulator for Windows Android Emulator for Windows
Android Emulator for Windows Android Emulator for Windows
Android Emulator for Windows Android Emulator for Windows
Android Emulator for Windows
Android on Windows 7
Installation instructions for standalone Android Emulator on Windows
1. Download Android Emulator v1.5 for Windows. 
2. Extract the contents of the .rar file. 
3. Now rename the extracted folder to "Android-Emulator". 
4. Download the patched executable files from here. 
5. Copy/Paste these patched files into the newly named “Android-Emulator” folder.
That’s it! You can now test and run the complete emulated mobile Android OS on your computer without having to download and install the SDK. You can even install Android compatible apps on it. Check out this link for more on installing apps and moving files on and off the phone. I have tested it on Windows 7 x64 and it works flawlessly on it. Now if only someone could come up with a way to install HTC Hero’s Sense UI on it!
Download Android Emulator 1.5 for Windows



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