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3DMeNow Professional [New version]

3DMeNow Professional | 8.14 Mb

3DMeNow Professional is our top-of-the-range human modeling package. Used to build recognizable human and character models for interactive 3D games and broadcast animation, this software produces amazingly lifelike 3D head data (models, textures and morph states) in a fraction of the time taken with conventional manual authoring techniques.Creates data suitable for use in 3DSMaxTM, MayaTM, SoftImageTM and most industry standard 3D authoring applications.
Cut production time 3DMeNow Pro slashes production time on real-time and fully rendered 3D human character animation for games and full-motion-video: not only in the creation of your base state models and textures, but in animation production – simply build your model from photos or art, then automatically output up to 56 high quality morphs for facial animation and full lipsynch!
New enhanced base models including head, bust and torso.
Enhanced morph targets.
Enhanced modeling and texture-mapping.
Export formats:*.3ds/ *.lwo/ *.vrml/ *.X/ *.xsi/ *.stl/ *.obj/ *.RAW/ *.lwo/ *.bio
Realtime output with new audio compression for amazingly low-bandwidth interactive content.
Full Screen Video file output.
Batch morph target export.

Biovirtual 3DMeNow Pro allows the creation of real-time and fully rendered 3D heads for games and full-motion-video.

It makes not only base state models and textures but animation.

The application automatically generates blended morph states for lip sync and facial animation.

Working from just 2 photos, side and front, you can create 3D photometrical head models.

Simply load one front-face and one profile photo (or sketches or artwork) into 3DMeNow and start modeling and animating 3D humans or characters straight away! Just line up the points to your images to create your model – then load in a standard *.wav file or record your voice to create stunning real-time 3D animations…

Animation with 3DMeNow is incredibly easy – and amazingly powerful. Build-up complex animations from a palette of 35 available actions, simply by dragging them onto the timeline. With automatic lipsynch, as well as automatic idling animation – anyone, beginner or professional, can quickly assemble a realistic and expressive animation sequence appropriate to the speech.

With actions you can make your models act in virtually any way you want: actions include whole- face emotions (happy, sad, angry etc) as well as part- face expressions (smile, frown, squint etc); looks (eyes and whole head rotations) and crazy morphs. Fine-tune actions on the timeline to create incredibly realistic, as well as hilarious animations of all kinds.

Record your speech (or anyone else’s!) directly into 3DMeNow – or load any *.wav file for instant, automatic animation. Edit and optimize the audio for efficient web distribution. Apply effects to change the way your voice sounds for serious, and comic effects.

3DMeNow exports scalable *.bio files for web, presentations and emails: you can ouput models at high, medium and low detail as well as choose audio and image output resolution.

Spectacles can be fitted to a model at any point in your project: choose from 15 available styles, select your frame colour, lens colour and transparency – and fine-tune into position.

You can model hair in two ways with 3DMeNow – use the traditional method of drawing-out the perimeters, or choose from one of 60 prebuilt hairstyles as well as ponytails using the new integrated hair modeling wizard.

New enhanced base models including head, bust, torso as well as new accessory objects
User-definable mapping throughout, including separate eyes and teeth
Enhanced morph targets
Enhanced modeling and texture-mapping
Automated lipsynch from audio (from standard *.wav files)
Text-to-Speech lipsynch animation
Keyframe animation
Realtime output with new audio compression for amazingly low-bandwidth interactive content
Full Screen Video file output
Batch morph target export
Scalable (subdivision surface) geometry, morph data and texture export
Polygonal 3D Data Export Formats now include: *.bio, *.3ds, *.lwo, *.vrml, *.xsi, *.x, *.obj, *.raw, extended *.raw, *.stl
Unrestricted commercial license: use the application to generate as much real-time content, data orvideo as you want.

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Tested On Windows Vista. Vista Compatible.

Program is full version 100% working and tested.
Virus Scanned
Installation Instructions Included.

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